Product Care


You will be amazed at how easy it is to care for your beautiful Huxford Grove sheepskin, and may well come to refer to it as your 'low maintenance furry friend'. The fibre’s unique structure gives it a natural durability and robustness. It even repels dirt! Even so, a little care and attention won’t go astray and a little love and affection will go a long way.

Maintaining maximum softness

↠  Avoid direct sunlight to prevent UV damage or fading
↠  Dry vacuum regularly with a plain suction unit
↠  No revolving, rotating, high speed or beater bar attachments
↠  Shake regularly to spruce up your pieces and release the dust
↠  Dry blot spills immediately and no rubbing!
↠  Dry clean only for our dyed friends
↠  Colour transfer from sheepskin may occur with perspiration or moisture
↠  Avoid prolonged exposure to solvent based surfaces

    General care

    Regular vacuuming with a plain suction vacuum cleaner will help to maintain fibres. Longer wool rugs benefit from occasional brushing with a wire pet brush (pet slicker pad). Small spills can be sponged off with a damp cloth. Avoid exposure to strong direct sunlight as UV will damage the natural fibres and may fade or discolour dyed sheepskins. Do not store in damp or wet conditions as the natural leather pelt may deteriorate. Follow these few care instructions and you will extend the lasting beauty of our products.


    Dogs, pets and children all love sheepskin, but rest assured small stains and light soiling can be spot cleaned easily with a damp cloth and mild detergent. For a more thorough clean, and to gain the best result, dry-cleaning is recommended. It is recommended to find a dry cleaner who specialises in leather and sheepskin.


    Air-dry your sheepskin by hanging it on a line or laying it out flat – although please remember, not in direct sunlight. It is important to stretch sheepskin during the drying process, this helps to retain the shape and prevent excessive shrinkage. Do not tumble dry, iron or bleach your sheepskin.


    Brushing is effective on unshorn, long wool products only. Brushing with a wire wool comb will help restore the fluffy appearance and natural “loft” of the fibres.