Natural Benefits of Sheepskin & Wool

At Fibre, our designers and makers work hard to retain the wonderfully natural fibres of wool and sheepskin, making it super soft, unquestionably comfortable, and easy to care for while you enjoy it in your home.


We’ve chosen only premium natural fibres for our designer home decor, which have some incredible qualities! If you’re looking to create a soft, comfy and relaxing haven of a home for your family, you’ve come to the right place! Our heritage is in sheepskin and wool products, and our team know just a little about it (well, just quietly, we do have over 20 years of experience working with it!) Here are just a few reasons why going natural with sheepskin and wool home decor is so much better for you and your family than cheap, synthetic options…


Pure Comfort

 Wool provides a high level of thermal comfort due to its outstanding insulating properties. It’s also super soft and cosy! You really have to touch it for yourself to believe just how amazing it feels.


Eco Friendly

 We use ethically sourced New Zealand wool which is one of the purest, most ecological fibres in the world and is naturally 100% biodegradable. We use only environmentally responsible production methods in the crafting of our pieces.


Lasting Appeal

 Wool is like a spring, and can return to its natural shape even after being stretched (up to 30%). It has natural resilience against flattening and hardening, and will keep its softness and shape overtime. Perfect for busy households!


Thermal Comfort

 Wool creates warmth in cool conditions and coolness in warmer conditions because the fibre is able to trap air, providing up to ten times greater thermal resistance than any other fibre. No more hot and sticky synthetics, perfect for your home!


Stain & Odour Resistant

 Wool can release dirt up to 25% more easily than synthetic fibres. This is because the cuticle, or outer layer, has a finely waxed surface causing dirt to sit on the surface, making it easy to remove. Say goodbye to sticky finger prints and grained-in dirt!


Hypoallergenic Comfort

 Wool is a natural, non-allergenic fibre which is resistant to the growth of bugs and mites. The fibres are too long and coarse to be inhaled, so will not irritate the respiratory system or cause sneezing and other allergic reactions. It’s ideal for those who suffer allergies!



Uniquely yours

 Our products are carefully handcrafted from only the finest wool, sheepskin, and other natural fibres making each piece exceptionally comfortable, special and unique.  Wool is a unique, complex fibre that has evolved over thousands of years to protect sheep from a wide range of climates and conditions and to keep them comfy. In order to do this, wool offers many natural advantages which we have lovingly harnessed in our luxury products.

Due to the structure of the natural fibres we use, and the fact that our products are carefully handcrafted using only the finest, ethically sourced natural materials, each of our pieces is beautifully unique making it all the more special to own.

If you’re looking for uniquely comfortable home décor and are sick of bland and harsh synthetics, you’ve come to the right place!