Behind the Brand

We see the beauty in nature. We are dreamers inspired to re-imagine. We are designers and makers with a passion for superbly crafted pieces. We have a vision to turn your home into your style and comfort haven. This is our story.

Born from a love of minimalist design, luxury living and well-curated spaces, Huxford Grove has become synonymous with natural beauty, thoughtful design and modern luxury. A sum of all of its parts, we are a united group of talented designers, expert craftspeople and passionate team members who make things happen. Backed by one of the longest standing sheepskin tanneries in the World, we have a wealth of knowledge, heritage and expertise at our finger tips. 



It all started with a small range of beautifully handcrafted, all-natural decor pieces designed to bring natural beauty and comfort into the home. Our team are united by their love of luxury design and of nature, with a passion to combine the two to create a harmonious, luxurious, ethical and sustainable range of unique home decor. 

We are not about fast-fashion, we are about style that lasts and feels good for a long time. We ensure that all of our pieces are made to the highest quality standards and will last the test of time, while staying beautiful in your home. Our designers are at the forefront of interior design trends and are always working towards the perfect combination of modern design and classic, timeless style.  


Our products are ethically designed in Australia and handcrafted around the world by local Artisans. 

'Ethical design' means that right from the inception of an idea, we are ensuring that our designs can be brought to life ethically. Ethics is a core value of the brand, and everything we do is done ethically (that’s a lot of use of the word ethics haha, but you get the idea! We’re pretty passionate about it). This includes only using ethically sourced materials, and adhering to fair trading and employment practices ourselves as well as insisting upon the same from all of our makers. You can read more about our ethical design approach here


We use premium natural fibres and materials. Our heritage is in sheepskin and wool, and we specialise in working with the finest New Zealand and Australian shearling, pure Merino Wool, Alpaca and Tibetan. 

We are always hunting and gathering new and luxurious fibres to use in our designs, and looking to nature to be inspired by her beauty and the wealth of natural materials we can up-cycle and re-use. For example, we will soon be launching a range crafted from the softest pure camel hair from Central Asia, reindeer from Northern Europe, and we are exploring new materials such as mushroom and cactus leather, no-kill silk and 100% cotton velvet. We will also soon be replacing our beanbag beans with natural organic beans! You can read more about the benefits of natural materials in your home here.


For us, sustainability comes before design, and we take many steps to ensure that our products are as kind and gentle to the environment as possible. We believe in making every effort to lead a sustainable life both at home and in business.

Crafted by hand from the finest natural materials and fibres, we ensure that the process required to create each piece is as sustainable as possible. This includes the use of sustainable energy sources,  re-using and re-cycling wherever possible, and not using harsh or harmful chemicals. As we use natural materials, they are all biodegradable and do not use synthetics or plastics.

Our manufacturing process is carefully monitored for adherence to the highest available sustainability standards. Surely nothing is as sustainable as the natural, recycled fibres of wool and sheepskin! You can read more about our sustainable practices here

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