Ethically Designed

Ethical Design is Feel Good Design

You want to be comfortable with the look and feel of everything in your home. You also want to be comfortable with how it’s made. At Huxford Grove, we work hard to deliver both. We take an ethical and sustainable approach to designing and crafting our products which adds to the natural beauty and uniqueness of each piece while working to retain the natural beauty of our environment.
We like call this "Feel Good Design"

Our ethical approach

〰️   We use the highest quality natural fabrics with impeccable texture and touch.
〰️   Everything is handmade to last, backed with a 30-day return guarantee.
〰️   All sheepskins come from animals raised food, saving unnecessary waste.
〰️   Our tanning facility uses a mix of solar-power and gas energy.
〰️  We have our own water management system on site.
〰️   We fill all of our cushions with down not synthetics.
〰️   We are Oeko-Tex100 Standard Certified with no nasty chemicals used. 
〰️   We only source from sustainability-certified farms with recognised animal welfare practices.
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