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The Huxford Grove Story (So Far)

When Huxford Grove set out to become the home of comfort, we knew we had a big task ahead of us. It’s one thing to create comfortable products for the home, and it’s another thing to become the first thing Australians think of when they imagine what it feels like to be comfortable. Why did we have such a big goal? And how were we going to achieve it? In this blog post we delve into the beginnings of the brand, what inspired us, and the story of Huxford Grove (so far).

It was all about you:
You’re proud of your home, and you want to create beautiful, comfortable and welcoming spaces for not only your family but your guests. We were inspired by people just like you who wanted to live authentically and with intention. How do you do this? By bringing beautiful, sustainable, design-led products into your home to complement your lifestyle. Huxford Grove was created for people just like you, who value products with purpose and intention in mind. So thank you for being our inspiration.

It all started with the bean bag:
The humble bean bag isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of when picturing high quality, well-designed products. We started Huxford Grove with the mission to turn that opinion on its head. You may associate the bean bag with children’s bedrooms or apartment living, but we saw this chair as a place of family snuggles, comfort, relaxation, and mindfulness. With a background in responsibly sourced sheepskin and wool, we knew we could make a more comfortable version of the everyday bean bag. So we did.

We are design-led:
We set out to create design-led products. What does that mean exactly? Well, all of Huxford Groves products had to be beautiful, comfortable but also made for people who valued quality and great design. They had to be inspired designs that turn your curated space into a haven for living. To us, great design isn’t just about the way something looks. It’s in the way something wears over time, the joy it brings to a family, and the purpose it serves in a home. We also needed to be honest and real with our customers, and create aspirational products that were also achievable. Think of the Hemsworths. Yes, they are famous and live in a beautiful home in Byron Bay. They’re also down to earth and real, despite all of that. A Huxford Grove product is luxurious but down to earth, it’s great to look at, but also a place to put your feet up.

We are the home of comfort:
This was our biggest goal. We weren’t just going to create comfortable products, we were going to be the home of comfort. You know that feeling when you get home from a huge day and all you want to do is get comfortable with the people you care about and enjoy some quality time together? That feeling is what we’ve emulated in all of our products. It’s not just the structure of our products that make them so comfortable, it’s the fabrics we use. Sheepskin and wool are durable, they look great and age gracefully. They are naturally stain and odour resistant, making them easy to maintain. They’re an amazing insulator, so they not only keep things cosy in winter, but cool in summer. Now that’s comfort!

We do more than wool:
Wool and sheepskin are our bread and butter – for now. As the home of comfort, we intend on bringing you more design-led products in the not so distant future to create luxury and in your home. Stay tuned for that.

If you have any questions about Huxford Grove and our values, please get in touch. We are always excited to receive your questions and comments.

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