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Natural vs Synthetic

When we set out to become the home of comfort, we knew we wanted to offer Australian customers luxurious natural fibre homewares and furniture. Not only will a natural product, bring warmth and sophistication to interiors, a product made out of sheepskin, genuine leather, wool or linen, have been known to keep families comfortable, safe and healthy. Come with us as we delve into why choosing natural is the best choice you’ll ever make.

Skin Friendly

Not only does sheepskin feel incredibly soft, but it’s also skin-friendly. Snuggle into your Huxford Grove natural fibre Hepburn Cushion, Hawkesbury Cushion, Byron Beanbag , Kingston Sheepskin, Ascot Throw or Burleigh Throw, as much and as long as you want to. The smooth protein outer layer (lanolin) of sheepskin prevents skin damage naturally caused by long-term use.


Our products are made from quality natural fibres that have been tried and tested against allergy and skin sensitivity standards by OKEO-TEX. Sheepskin and wool are practical and safe for your family. They are naturally resistant to dust, dirt, bacteria and mould. Natural fibre products are perfect for those who suffer from hay fever, sinus problems and low immune systems.

Mould Resistant 

Did you know sheepskin, wool and linen are incredibly breathable? The airflow and moisture, eliminating qualities of these fibres help maintain health and products made out of natural fibres are a particularly great choice for parents who wish to keep their little ones happy and healthy.

Odour Resistant 

Are you tired of synthetic products getting that unpleasant used smell? If the answer is yes, you need these natural fibres in your life. The breathability and self-cleaning qualities of sheepskin and wool, help products made out of them maintain a pleasant fresh smell for longer. Our 100% merino wool Huxford Grove Burleigh and Ascot Throws, naturally contain antibacterial properties that eliminate the build-up of offensive whiffs. Choose natural over synthetic fibre products for better long-term use.

Natural Temperature Regulator

One of the many reasons why we love about natural fibres is that they can keep you warm and cosy in winter and cool in summer. Sheepskin, wool and linen naturally regulate body temperature. No more covering yourself up with as many throws and cushions you can find to warm up and 5 minutes later needing to pull them all off because you’re too hot. Buy natural to get ultimate comfort wherever you are, whether it be on the lounge, outside patio or snuggled up in bed.

Environmentally Conscious 

If you are sustainability conscious just like us, you will appreciate that sheepskin, wool, and other fibres (linen and leather) we integrate into our products, are environmentally friendly. Natural fibres endure years of use, but once discarded, can decompose in as little as 4months. While, a fake fur product (aka a product made out of plastic) is prone to shedding and can take a 1000years to break down (a bit scary to think that a synthetic product you buy today, can last up to the year 3020). Fake fur has also been linked to water pollution, as every time a product is washed, fibres end up in the ocean to be consumed by sea-life. For peace of mind, choose natural.

Fire resistant 

Finally, sheepskin and wool fibres are naturally fire-resistant, with an ignition point of 570-600 degrees celsius (how good is that). It doesn’t melt or explode either unlike synthetic fibres. Its unique properties make it very fire resistant with its high nitrogen and water chemical makeup, giving it a self-extinguishing property.


Sheepskin, wool, linen and leather are the most versatile fibres in the world, and synthetics simply cannot match the qualities of natural fibres. Explore what we offer, in natural fibre homewares today. 

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