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How to style your family home beautifully

You’ve got style, you know what’s trending, your family home is welcoming and your friends always comment on your beautiful space. The only thing is, you aren’t quite sure if you’re doing it right. And hey! That isn’t a bad thing; you’ve done great so far. But maybe you feel like it’s time to take it one step further by adding some on-trend pieces and upping your styling game.

There’s just one catch – your family home can be turned upside down in an instant thanks to grubby hands, smelly dogs, soggy football boots and a partner that somehow seems to always forget where the dirty coffee mugs are supposed to go.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out! These tips will really help you take your styling one step further while considering the other (sometimes dirty) members of your household.

Now let’s get styling!

    1. The KISS method
      You’ve heard of the KISS method – Keep it simple… Sally. But did you know it could be applied to your home styling? We’re talking simple ways to cut styling time in half without compromising on aesthetics. We suggest going for a casual/modern vibe and not overcomplicating your look. Opt for stain resistant furniture, keep your special belongings up high, avoid glass (not only for breakages but greasy finger marks), add fun seating, and don’t over complicate things with lots of competing colours.
    2. Storage is king
      Start with the important things. These are the pieces you want visitors to see but kids to leave alone, like vases, special picture frames and expensive coffee table books. These items need to be stored in view, high on a bookshelf. Next, find the things that aren’t as special but get used regularly. These items can be kept out on display, but are probably best stored to reduce clutter. You can pop these items in secret storage compartments, specific storage boxes that double as coffee tables, or cupboards. And finally, toys. Toys can quickly make a tidy room look messy, so having a specific nook in the house where the kids can pop their toys away once they’re finished playing is really important.
    3. Warm it up
      While they may be considered decorative, you should never underestimate the power of a humble cushion or throw. These babies have the ability to pull a room together, refresh a space, or update a tired piece of furniture. Texture and nature-inspired tones are so in right now, and are also great for handling wear and tear. Our range of cushions and throws offer a refreshing and welcoming look to any room of the house.
    4. Mount your TV
      One word – space! In a family home, space can become a rare thing, so mounting your TV provides a more open and spacious lounge room. Not to mention the benefits of having a TV away from curious little hands.
    5. Finish it off with personality:
      Last, but certainly not least, is the most crucial ingredient to styling your home – you! Photos are an obvious start. Even just a few photos in matching or complementary frames around the house adds a touch of personality and makes your home much more welcoming. And then of course there’s anything sentimental. Perhaps it was an heirloom passed down from your grandmother, an antique vase, or even just an interesting knick knack picked up in a market on your last overseas holiday. These items add touches of colour, character and will always remind you of good memories. And finally, artwork is a great way to add your personality to your home. Our biggest tip? Don’t buy art because it’s ‘cool’ as it will always date. Buy art that gives you an emotional reaction, that way you’ll feel a connection to it for years to come.These simple styling tips will make your family house a home thanks to extra space, warmth and personality, so you can feel proud of your space regardless of your qualifications.
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