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How to Style With Sheepskin

So, you may have noticed our exceptional range of luxury design-led home decor (great start!), and you may have snagged yourself a super soft Huxford Grove premium sheepskin product (good for you!), and now you’re asking yourself how best to style your new find?

Sheepskin has been around for a very, very, very long time and there is a very, very, very good reason for that! It has so many practical benefits such as being hypoallergenic, resistant to dirt, stains and odours, its temperature regulating features are perfect for the Australian climate, and it is sustainable and eco friendly… need I go on!

At Huxford Grove we see more than just the practicality of this gorgeous natural fibre – we see the pure natural beauty of the wool and have taken upon ourselves to re-invent an Australian favourite into a beautifully designed collection of high-end home decor pieces to compliment a carefully styled and considered home, such as yours! 

Our team of Style Advisors have got their creative heads together and come up with some styling tips and advice to help you make the most of your Huxford Grove pieces, and hopefully to give you some fresh new styling ideas to assist you in creating your dream home…

Styling Your Living Room 

Warm your tiled or timber living room floors with our stunningly beautiful pure sheepskin rug –  The Kirra Rug. At an impressive 170x240cm, the premium sheepskin expanse makes quite a statement on your living room floor! Place The Kirra Rug slightly under your couch and make sure that it’s centred for maximum impact. Not only is this beautiful rug perfect for pulling together furniture and defining your living room, but it also feels AMAZING on your toes and adds to the overall comfort of your seating area. But be warned… your kids are sure to find every excuse to curl up on the rug… and stay there! But who can really blame them.

As a minimalist alternative to an occasional chair, why not try creating a kid friendly reading nook in your living area with the superbly luxurious Byron Bean Bag, a book shelf filled with interesting reads, a feature floor lamp and coffee table. The Byron Bean Bag is big enough for you and the kids to curl up in for some all important family reading time. It’s also really practical and easy to move around the house to whichever area you decide to kick-back and relax in. Replace your heavy and hard to move occasional chairs with a couple of our super-sized bean bags and create a modern and cosy family space that your kids (and you!!) will love. Choose the crisp Pearl colour option for a clean white beach boho vibe, select the Mocha for a natural touch or Ash for a more dynamic and dramatic modern look. 

Looking to use some soft textures to add some interest to your seating? Try draping one of our premium New Zealand Kingston Sheepskins over the armrest or back of your chairs for a beautiful aesthetic addition to your living room seating. If you’re also looking to add some comfy cushioning, place a sheepskin right where you sit and relax into a little bit of wool heaven when you sit down. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes to your comfort, but don’t blame us if you wile away more time than you really have in this cocoon of fluff. 

In our ‘professional opinion’, there is definitely some restorative benefit in the sheer relaxation you’ll find curled up in an HG sheepskin – proven by our team in their own homes. We are a relaxed and happy bunch, surely that’s proof enough! Style your living area with our Cream Kingston Sheepskin for a fresh beachy vibe, or add some interest to a neutral palette with our soft Latte colourway. For a cool modern minimalist look, make a statement with the Ash colour option. 

Cushions really are the ultimate in styling tools and can make or break a room styling. With cushions, you can add your own personal style with colour and texture choices at a relatively low cost, and you can change them up often and easily to refresh the look of your room. Our Hawkesbury Cushions and Hepburn Cushions look wonderful mixed and matched together on your couch or occasional chairs. Our neutral colour palette will go with any interior style and the lux nature of the longwool will create visual impact through texture. Match with linen or cotton velvet cushions of your choice for a perfect texture combo of all natural things. 

HG Style Advisors Style Tip 1 – “The more cushions you have the better!” We’re all about comfort and style, and love the feeling of dropping into a relaxing, furry cloud of cushions. 

HG Style Advisors Style Tip 2 –  “Choose a variety of styles or colours to ensure you achieve some interest in your cloud of cushions”. Our sheepskin cushions come in Mocha, Pearl and Ash which all work wonderfully together in one colour palette.

Styling Your Bedroom

There really is no better place for some wool and sheepskin glamour than in the boudoir! We like to place a Kingston Sheepskin or Kirra Sheepskin Rug next to the bed, right where you step out in the morning. Your toes will thank you for it, and getting up in the morning won’t seem so bad after all. For a purely aesthetic touch, drape a sheepskin over the bed instead of a throw or blanket – this really does add a beautiful touch to your bed styling. 

Our Hepburn Cushion and Hawkesbury Cushions work wonderfully styled together at the head of your bed. Select a few different sizes in one complimentary colour for a cool minimalist look, or add some interest by mixing and matching Pearl, Mocha and Ash. And if you choose not to remove the oh-so-soft cushions when you get into bed… that’s OK, we understand how you may not be able to resist resting your head on their softness. 

HG Style Advisors Style Tip 3 – “When it comes to the Huxford Grove cushions, you can style them several ways and never go wrong”.

Here are some options for you to try in your home:

Option 1: Style two Hawkesbury Cushions (50cmx50cm) as your European cushions at the very back of the bed after your pillows, add in two-three cushions of your choice (single colour linen cushions are always a smart pick) in front of pillows and finish off with a Hepburn Cushion. Either opt for matching colours such as Pearl, or create depth by having two Mocha Hawkesbury and an Ash Hepburn.  

Option 2: Style your bed with two Hawkesbury Cushions (40cmx40cm). Place in front of your pillows, then place a rectangular pillow in front of them. We recommend sticking to one colour choice for this option. 

Option 3: Just need a simple touch of luxury? Finish off your bed with a single Hepburn Cushion. Whether you have decided to style your mattress with two-three European cushions and or, two-three 40cm cushions, opt for a Hepburn Cushion to finish off your bedding. 

Option 4: Why not go all out with as many sheepskin cushions as you can and style your bed with two Hawkesbury (50cmx50cm), two Hawkesbury (40cmx40cm) and one Hepburn Cushion. Mix the colours here and try to use all three colour options in the mix. 

Styling Your Nursery

The nursery floor is the perfect place for a Kingston Sheepskin, and the perfect furry friend for your little babe to get up close and personal with while crawling their soft little skin around the floor on their daily nursery adventures! Sheepskin is a really great choice for kids and babies due to its many natural benefits including the hypoallergenic qualities (no itchy sneezy babies), its resistance to stains (perfect for sticky little fingers) and resistance to dirt (nice and hygienic for your little ones). Oh, and did we say how soft they are!?! 

And for a little luxury for Mum, place one of our Hawkesbury Cushions 50x50cm on the nursing chair so you can relax while looking after your little ones. 

HG Style Advisors Style Tip 4 – “Our sheepskins and cushions can be styled perfectly with your chosen nursery theme, due to the versatility of their aesthetic”. We recommend choosing the neutral shades of Mocha and Latte to create a serene and relaxing room for growing little minds. 

Styling Your Entrance 

First impressions count, right! With all of the love and effort you put into perfectly styling your home, why not make your entry way THE BEST it can possibly be. Impress your guests as you welcome them into your home, and impress yourself with your styling skills each time you walk through your door! 

Style a Huxford Grove Kingston Sheepskin in the middle of a large hallway or off to the side under hat/clothing hooks for some first impression impact. If you have a bench, place your sheepskin right where your toes go after removing your shoes… you know why 😉  A bench is also the perfect place for a sheepskin cushion or two to compliment your sheepskin floor accessory.

Styling Your Outside Areas

Australia is all about the outdoors life – am I right? Sheepskin has traditionally been used for many years outside for its natural temperature control benefits. We’ve taken it one step further and re-invented sheepskin into a modern, stylish home accessory. 

Our modern colour options make the Kingston Sheepskin the perfect chair accessory for your outside areas. Drape them over your dining chairs or lounge chairs to add a modern rustic look to your setting. They will also add some welcomed warmth as the sun goes down and the evenings roll in.

Alternatively, choose from one of our luxurious 100% Merino Wool Throws for a softer, smoother style. Again, drape the Burleigh Throw or Ascot Throw over your seating to add some beautiful style to your chairs. And when you are enjoying time spent with friends and family around the fire pit after a delicious BBQ, they can be grabbed and wrapped-around to keep everyone snug long into an evening of laughter and conversation. 

Styling According to Huxford Grove

Remember to have lots of fun with your styling!  Styling takes time to get right so don’t be too hard on yourself if you get a little overwhelmed with all the choices there are out there. One thing you can count on is that sheepskin and wool products are the perfect pieces to add style and texture to your home, and are versatile enough to go with any interior design style with no visual conflict! And don’t forget the added benefit of them feeling AMAZING! 

Try to appeal to all of your senses when styling your home. Your décor should not only look amazing, but it should also feel amazing. Add your fave candle scent to appeal to the olfactory senses, and cook up some delicious healthy food for the taste buds (or order in your fave Uber Eats, we won’t judge, we’ve all been there!) And there you go, you’ve created the perfect home, nice work.

Don’t forget to reach out to the HG Style Advisors for all and any styling tips and advice to help you create your desired styling vibe. We’re always here to help xx

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