Coastal Chic: Embracing Spring 2023 Home Decor Trends By the Shore

Warm sunny days, the gentle roll of waves, and the undeniable charm of that coastal breeze – these are the treasures of living in the Sunshine State. As we bid farewell to the last traces of winter chill, we're gearing up to welcome the new season with open arms and open minds. Spring isn't just a season; it's an invitation to breathe new life into our homes, to shake off the old and embrace the fresh. And guess what? This year, the decor world is buzzing with a trend that's as inviting as it is captivating.

For those of us who thrive on the allure of coastal living, here's the scoop: coastal decor is ready to reclaim its throne this Spring (as if it could ever go out of style). But what sets this wave of coastal trends apart? Unlike its predecessors – think Hampton's or Modern Coastal – the latest trend is all about infusing your space with personal charm. It's less about achieving that perfectly curated look and more about letting your individuality shine through unique pieces, creating an inviting haven that's unmistakably you.

So, without further ado, let's dive into our newest obsession.


Coastal Grandmother: Where Nostalgia Meets Modern Comfort

You won't believe where this trend took its first steps – yes, you guessed it, the viral world of TikTok. What began as a fashion frenzy quickly found its home in our living spaces, embracing that classic, nostalgic minimalism that takes us back to simpler times. Imagine growing herbs in the garden, sporting pressed linen button-downs, and throwing on a casual jumper just so. This trend captures that feeling and wraps it up in a cozy interior embrace.

And here's the surprise: coastal grandmother style isn't bound by age. It's about embodying an attitude, a vibe that resonates with everyone looking to infuse simple elegance into their lives. If you've always had a soft spot for Hampton's style but think it might be time for a revamp in 2023, then coastal grandmother is your new décor confidante.

This trend marries nostalgia with modern sophistication. Picture a scene that's crisp yet welcoming, polished yet snug. It's a world of soft knit throws, inviting linens, and pillows that beg for your afternoon siesta. Natural rattan and gentle woods bring in that touch of nature's finest, and a glass of Chardonnay is almost a necessity.

As for colours, coastal grandmother style paints with the hues of serenity. Sandy beiges evoke the warm embrace of sun-kissed shores, while soft blues mirror the endless sky meeting the water's edge. Gentle greens whisper of lush coastal landscapes, seamlessly bringing the outdoors indoors. These colours orchestrate a harmonious and inviting symphony, setting the stage for unwinding after a day of coastal escapades.

But here's the real beauty – coastal grandmother decor isn't about perfection. It's about storytelling through your living space, weaving your memories and character into every nook and cranny.

So, how can you ride this trend wave and transform your space this spring? Here are a few tricks to get you started: Swap out those modern throw pillows for chunky linen ones, bid adieu to sleek metal accents in favour of the gentle allure of rattan. Infuse your space with vintage-inspired textiles that echo with heartwarming charm, and don't forget those heirloom pieces that bring comfort and character. And if you're really looking to dial up the coastal grandmother aesthetic, a cozy, curved comfort seat is a must – consider adding an extra ottoman to the side of your lounge for that added touch of comfort and style.

As spring takes centre stage, invite a piece of nature indoors – maybe some potted herbs on your windowsill or a snug reading nook with a weathered armchair draped in a soft, welcoming linen throw. Let your creativity run wild; mix and match patterns and colours with the confidence that this trend celebrates.

In a nutshell, coastal grandmother style is that gentle sea breeze that beckons you to slow down, savour the small joys, and embrace the coastal life with all its soothing rhythms. As kindred spirits who share a love for Australian coastal living, we're familiar with the call of the ocean and the comfort of a home that mirrors its tranquil embrace. So, grab that glass of Chardonnay, snuggle up under a chunky knit throw, and let the timeless allure of coastal grandmother decor work its magic. This spring, let's toast to a trend that celebrates the past while wholeheartedly embracing the vibrant present – a true coastal chic journey by the shore.

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