How to Give your Home a Modern Minimalist Vibe

How to Give your Home a Modern Minimalist Vibe

One of the design styles that is becoming ever more popular is the Modern Minimalist look. It’s a style that blends the clean and refreshing look of modern design by striping things down to their most basic form. It involves using only the essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. It usually combines an open floor plan, lots of light, and functional furniture with a focus on the shape, colour and texture of just a handful of essential elements.

We have put together a helpful guide to understanding the Modern Minimalist movement and how to pull the look off beautifully for yourself.

Key Elements of Design in Modern Minimalism

Like most modern design styles, Modern Minimalism is full of clean, sleek lines. There tends not to be a lot of fluff in terms of ornate detailing, rolled arms, curvy feet on furniture, etc. Like true modern design, the lines are straight, neat, and clean. Furniture is kept very simple in terms of shape and form.

Modern Minimalism keeps this simple theme flowing through décor and wall art. Since minimalism is in the style’s name, décor pieces are limited, yet well curated. The décor that is selected tends to be high quality and offers the added bit of texture to the room’s design. Soft furry pillows and natural grasses bring in elements of nature, creating warmth and coziness to what could otherwise be a cold looking space.

A neutral color palette is popular with this design style. Warm tones like beiges, taupe, and even a desert rose help to bring in the additional warmth and natural feel that this design style evokes.

Key Pieces in a Modern Minimalism Room

Since the décor is often the star of the show when it comes to this design style, we have put together our list of top pieces to include in your Modern Minimalism room. These will help to bring more of that natural warmth and cozy texture to your space.

No.1: The Sheepskin Rug

What room isn’t automatically enhanced with a furry rug? The sheepskin rug is an iconic décor piece due to its high texture, luxury, and soft feel underfoot. It works as an accent rug or even draped over pieces of furniture, such as a bench or occasional chair.

Our sheepskin rugs are ethically sourced to maintain our high standard of sustainable practices.

No 2: The Wool Throw

If you are looking for a more subtle woolen addition to your room, a Merino wool throw is the perfect piece. Its soft fibers bring added texture to a space without being showy about it. Wool is an amazing material as well, being a great insulator for keeping you warm, while being able to wick away moisture. As a throw, it’s the perfect piece to have on your sofa, bed, or tucked away in a nice woven basket.

Our wool throws are made from 100% Merino wool. Merino wool has been considered the pinnacle of wool standards and is known for its luxurious and soft feel.

No 3: The Natural Grass

Instead of filling your vases with flowers, natural grass offers another element of texture to your Modern Minimalist décor. It not only connects to the natural color palette and simplicity found in this design style, but it also creates additional height and dimension to your space. Another great feature - these grasses last forever, so you don’t have to worry about a wilted bouquet ever again! For a modern feel select simple, elegant, long-stemmed grasses with not too much detail.

No 4: The Sheepskin Cushion

Similar to the sheepskin rug, the sheepskin cushion is an excellent way to bring in texture and softness to a space. Add a cushion to a sofa, occasional chair, or bed to instantly update the look. It is a simple way to bring some beautiful texture to a modern space. These cushions can also travel around your room, helping to switch up the design and keep things fresh when you get a little tired of your space. For a minimalist look, stick with just one or two cushions on a simple, curved or sectional sofa or oversized occasional chair.

Our cushions are made from the finest ethically sourced sheepskin and maintain our level of sustainable practices, providing you with the comfort of conscious shopping. They are filled with 100% down, never synthetics, and are backed with linen, another highly sustainable material.

No 5: Ceramic Pottery

While pottery pieces are a natural décor element, the ceramic vases, bowls, and pitchers are a feature in Modern Minimalism that adds interesting shapes and textures in a unique way. The natural clay material brings a bit of earthiness to the palette and makes for beautiful looking artesian décor. These pieces are also practical, as you can display items in them such as another  iconic décor piece, the natural grass.

When styling your accessories and furniture, to achieve a truly stunning Modern Minimalist vibe remember to follow some basic style rules:

Bare Essentials – use only essential elements such as light, form and textures in an open plan space to create a sense of freedom and relaxation. Avoid excess ornaments and decoration and stick with uncomplicated pieces which blend harmoniously.

Clean Lines – Focus on functionality and practicality. Enhance flat, smooth surfaces with soft textures and materials. Avoid patterns, ornamentation, and highly detailed accessories in favor of simple pieces with clean lines.

Neutral Colour Palette – Stick with beautifully soft neutrals and highlight with a monochromatic palette for some added drama. Avoid bright colours and patterns at all costs.

Lastly, don’t forget to make your Modern Minimalist space look and feel warm and welcoming by adding some natural wool or shearling pieces in modern neutral tones.

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