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How to Level Up Your Guest Bedroom

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When designing, every room should be considered essential in creating a practical, comfortable and stylish home. But, when it comes the guest bedroom (if we like to admit it or not), it’s often on the lower end of our priority list and can be overlooked in comfort, warmth and style.

So, before your next guests are allowed to stay the night or a week, you might want to finally give your guest bedroom the love and attention it desperately craves. Go that extra mile to welcome and make your family and friends feel at home the next time they visit, by adding in any one or (why not?) all of these nine items.

1. Put Together an Essentials Basket

Why is there always something we forget? We all do it, whether it be body wash, a pillow or a toothbrush, there is without fail an item that slips our minds in the haste of packing up and leaving on time. Instead of guests having to rush to the shops for the essentials, take the initiative and create an essential basket, packed with fresh towels, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap. For a localised, luxurious and personal touch, add in a packet of coffee or biscuits and other beloved products from local businesses.

2. Supply Snuggly Throws

The weather is so unpredictable. You’ve most likely had the unpleasant experience at least once or twice, of not packing enough warm or cool clothes. To ensure all-around comfort, as well as a good night’s sleep. Style two or more snuggle ready wool throws, at the end of the bed, off to the side on a table, or draped over a basket. Our luxurious 100% merino wool, Burleigh and Ascot throws are the perfect additions to your guest bedroom, due to their unparalleled softness and natural temperature regulating properties.

3. Plants, Plants, Plants

Small touches really do make a massive difference. Design your guest bedroom as a comforting oasis by adding a touch of greenery. Plants are known to warm neutral spaces, boost mood and comfort.

4. The Power of Scent  

Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils into a guest bedroom designated air diffuser. A deliciously smelling room can be very inviting and help set a comforting and relaxing mood. Our favourites are Lavender (a calming oil, that is known to relieve headaches, anxiety and sleeping problems) and Orange (alleviates stress and anxiety).

5. Quality Bedding is a Must

To make sure your neutral-toned guest bedroom doesn’t feel clinical, rough or cold, instead is the epitome of comfort, invest in quality bedding and cushions. Buy linen or bamboo sheets to ensure a good nights sleep for your guest. When selecting cushions, don’t be afraid to experiment with textures, shapes and sizes. Our Huxford Grove Hawkesbury and Hepburn cushions are the perfect addition to any room due to their stylish design, comfortability, durability, shape retention and temperature regulating properties.

6. Create an All You Need to Know Sheet 

Help your guests out and feel at home, by typing up all the information they need to know on 1 or 2 A4 sheets of paper and place it in a visible location. This will minimise their need to ask a million questions about your home and the area. Include answers to questions such as; where the towels are, what the wifi password is, where to park or where to find great local cafes.  Believe us; they will thank you for it.

7. Introduce a Welcome Board 

Not necessary, but much appreciated. A welcome board is an extra touch that will warm your guest’s hearts.

8. Light is Vital

Great lighting is a MUST! There is nothing worse than having very dim lighting to put on your makeup for a night out, or lighting that prevents you from a quick reading session before bed. Bedside lamps are a welcomed addition. Not only do guests have added light, and the freedom to easily fall asleep by turning off the lights while still warm and comfortable snuggled up in bed, lamps provide a pleasant and warm ambience to a room.

9. Mirrors are Your Best Friends

Mirrors are not only essential for getting ready for the day or a night out on the town; they can also make a guest bedroom feel larger and lighter (helps in ensuring a space feels more comfortable, luxurious and inviting). Do experiment with large mirrors as the bigger the mirror, the more spacious a room may appear to be. Perhaps place the mirror adjacent to a window to optimise natural light. Be careful not to go overboard and pay attention to mirror placement.

By implementing a selection or several of our guest bedroom ideas, you can guarantee that your family and friends have a warm and memorable experience while staying in your home. You can start levelling up your guest bedroom game by browsing our selection of design-led, stylish, comfortable and practical homewares.

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