Embracing Summer Vibes: The Cool Elegance of Sheepskin Decor for Your Home

Embracing Summer Vibes: The Cool Elegance of Sheepskin Decor for Your Home

When the sun is shining, the days are longer, and a gentle breeze caresses your skin, you know that summer has arrived. While it's a season often associated with light fabrics and vibrant colours, there's a surprising element that can transform your home's aesthetic during these warm months: sheepskin wool. Traditionally known for its cosy appeal in the colder seasons, sheepskin has recently gained popularity as a chic and versatile choice for summer interior design. In this blog post, we'll delve into the reasons why sheepskin decor is suitable for summer and explore how it can add immense value to your home during the hottest months of the year.

1. The Cooling Comfort of Natural Fibres

Summer is all about staying cool and comfortable, and sheepskin decor has a surprising ability to do just that. Unlike synthetic materials, natural sheepskin possesses inherent breathability and moisture-wicking properties. These characteristics mean that when used as decor, sheepskin rugs, cushions or throws can actually help regulate temperature by absorbing excess heat and moisture, keeping your living spaces comfortably dry and fresh even on the hottest days.

Sinking into a chair surrounded by plush Sheepskin Cushions seems like an uncomfortable experience for the Australian Summer, but the cooling nature of the 100% natural fibres used in our  Hawkesbury Sheepskin Cushions, paired with their premium linen backing and feather down insert means you’re sinking into natural fibres that are working hard to keep you cool. Say goodbye to sticking to leather arm chairs, sweating on metal seats, and feeling itchy against cotton fabrics.

2. Texture that Transcends Seasons (and trends!)

One of the most versatile aspects of sheepskin decor is its timeless texture. While it certainly adds a cosy touch to winter aesthetics, its appeal seamlessly transitions to summer interiors as well. The texture of sheepskin is inviting and tactile, providing a sense of warmth even when paired with lighter and airier decor elements. Our Short Curly sheepskin is our most versatile wool length, and has a similar look to boucle fabric - but without the hidden nasties of synthetic fibres. To read more about Natural vs. Synthetic fabrics, check out our last blog about just that!

During the summer, layering is a design strategy that can create depth and interest within a space. By introducing sheepskin throws or cushions into your decor, you can achieve an effortless layering effect that adds visual intrigue without overwhelming the senses. The juxtaposition of the soft, inviting texture of sheepskin against the lightness of summer decor creates a harmonious balance that elevates the overall aesthetic of your home.

Our favourite way to shake up our home interior choices is to take our sheepskin rugs from the floor, where they kept our toes warm in winter, to drape over a hard chair instead.

3. Aesthetic Versatility

Sheepskin decor is remarkably versatile in terms of style. Whether your home boasts a modern, minimalist design or embraces a more rustic and bohemian aesthetic, sheepskin seamlessly fits into various decorating themes. Its neutral tones complement a wide range of colour palettes, making it easy to integrate into your existing decor. Drape a sheepskin rug over a chair or use it as a bedspread to infuse your space with a touch of understated elegance. Sheepskin cushions and rugs can also serve as statement pieces, adding depth, texture and dimension to your rooms.

4. A Palette of Natural Neutrals

Summer is often associated with a palette of soft, natural hues that reflect the serene beauty of the season. Sheepskin decor aligns perfectly with this colour scheme, offering a range of neutral tones that effortlessly complement any design style. From creamy whites to warm beiges and subtle greys, sheepskin decor seamlessly integrates into your existing decor while adding a touch of sophistication.

These neutral hues also reflect light, contributing to the overall brightness of a space. During the day, sunlight filtering through windows will illuminate the soft tones of sheepskin, creating an inviting ambiance that's perfect for both lounging and entertaining.

5. Elevating Outdoor Living

Summer is synonymous with outdoor gatherings, and sheepskin decor can effortlessly transition from indoor elegance to al fresco allure. Whether you're hosting a garden brunch, a sunset cocktail party, or a relaxing evening under the stars, sheepskin cushions or rugs can instantly elevate your outdoor seating area, making it as comfortable as it is visually stunning.

Our range of comfort seating are made with functionality in mind, so all of our bean bags, ottomans, and floor cushions are made with a durable leather base, making them easily transportable from indoor to alfresco, without worry of damaging wool on the bottom of your piece. Never worry about seating extra guests, our ottomans are big enough to double as an extra, comfy seat when needed, and are easy to move all around your home depending on your needs!


As the summer sun casts its golden glow upon your home, don't shy away from incorporating sheepskin decor into your design scheme. Far from being reserved for winter months, sheepskin's cooling comfort, timeless texture, natural neutrals, and versatile elegance make it an ideal addition to your summer decor repertoire. By embracing the unique qualities of sheepskin and incorporating them thoughtfully into your living spaces, you'll create an oasis of comfort, style, and sophistication that enhances the value of your home throughout the hottest season of the year. So, get ready to bask in the plush embrace of sheepskin and let your home exude summer allure like never before.

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