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Do you need a bean bag in your life?: A quiz

Here at Huxford Grove, we’re huge fans of the bean bag. From its history to its benefits, there are so many special things about this unique piece of furniture that we adore. As advocates of the bean bag, we think everyone in the world can benefit from owning one. But, we also believe it’s important to take your time when making purchases for your home so you can love it for years to come. We’re here to help you decide if it’s right for you with this fun quiz.

Choose the answer that resonates with you most:

  1. What’s your idea of comfort?
    1. Spending time with family on the couch. Watching the kids play contently is a hugely comforting thing
    2. Comfort to me is getting comfy on the couch with a cosy blanket, a bowl of popcorn and a great show on Netflix
    3. Quality time with friends. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing, that’s comfort to me
    4. Splashing out with a trip to the day spa to really indulge or a spot of retail therapy
  2. What’s your idea of socialising?
    1. Inviting the neighbours over for a drink or dinner so the kids can play and we can unwind
    2. Heading out for a quick drink after work or going to a friend’s wedding or party when the occasion pops up
    3. Socialising is super important to me. I spend a majority of my weekend out and about and I have plenty of people to catch up with
    4. Wining and dining with good food, or heading to the latest restaurant/gallery/etc. opening
  3. What does home mean to you?
    1. Home is synonymous with family. It’s a sacred place for milestones and watching the kids play and grow
    2. Home is comfort. It’s where I spend my nights and weekends, and where I can truly be myself
    3. Home is where I sleep and sometimes eat
    4. Home is a place for self-expression. It’s where my creative flair runs wild and is a place I love to show off to friends. and family. I love to style it to suit my moods and reflect my personality
  4. When does your home feel messy?
    1. A better question would be, when doesn’t it feel messy? The kids and pets are always making a mess, but that’s life and I wouldn’t want it any other way
    2. I don’t mind a bit of mess if it means I get to unwind and chill out, but I’ll always tidy up before visitors come over
    3. I’m not really there enough to mess it up. It probably feels most messy when I haven’t made my bed or need to do washing
    4. I try to never let my house get messy. Whether I have a cleaner or I keep on top of it myself, you’ll rarely see it unkept
  5. What couldn’t you live without in your home?
    1. A place for the kids to play
    2. Netflix!
    3. My phone or internet connection
    4. My favourite artwork that ties my styling together
  6. Who is your style icon?
    1. Mila Kunis – practicality is super important. You love jeans, t-shirts, denim jackets but it’s always finished off with your own personal twist
    2. Drew Barrymore – Comfortable and boho. You also love jeans but you’d prefer them to be a relaxed cut. You also don’t mind a retro 70s vibe and you love layering
    3. Kendall Jenner – You love trends. You know what’s in and you aren’t afraid to show it. You don’t mind things a little bit sexy but it’s always polished
    4. Audrey Hepburn – Style, proportion and fit is key to your style. While you have amazing taste, it’s all about feminine sophistication, classic pieces, and black is your favourite colour
  7. What is your ideal home styling trend?
    1. Scandinavian – you believe there is beauty in simplicity. You appreciate minimalism and functionality but you don’t skimp on style
    2. Eclectic – While it’s a hard one to pull off, this style comes naturally to you. Mixing unique and contrasting pieces in high and low to create cohesion that somehow works
    3. Industrial – A little bit sexy, very modern and surprisingly practical, industrial is refined and edgy, just like you
    4. Parisian – You’re effortlessly chic and you want your home to be the same. You appreciate antiques but you update them with modern styling. You aren’t afraid to take risks but sophistication is key
  8. What style element would you love to always nail in your home?
    1. Aesthetically pleasing storage facilities
    2. A ridiculously inviting couch
    3. An always-clean guest bathroom
    4. Perfectly-styled bookshelves

Mostly As:
Family is the most important thing in your home and life. You love spending time with your kids and friends and you don’t mind entertaining every now and then. But what you want more than anything is for a space that flows and feels comfortable for every family member. A bean bag would make a wonderful addition to your home. It provides a space to relax and read a book with the kids, and as they get older it will provide comfy seating for guests. It also ages well and is naturally stain and odour resistant

Mostly Bs:
You adore comfort! At the end of the week, you just want to put your feet up and relax because you deserve it, of course. A bean bag would provide endless comfort for you and anyone who visits or lives in your house (including the cat). It’s practical, easy to move around and incredibly comfortable.

Mostly Cs:
While home is a place you only really use to rest your head, you still like to have it in order for when you’re entertaining guests or taking a moment to relax (if you have time). A bean bag is perfect for when seating is low and vibes are high.

Mostly Ds:
You have a curated space that reflects your style and personality and you’re incredibly house-proud. You only bring in pieces that are practical, stylish and have longevity in your stylish space. A bean bag would be perfect for you because it complements your well-thought out living space, but is also great for those grounding moments of relaxation. It’s beautifully designed and practical to add a natural touch of comfort to your life.

Ok, so, we may have been a little bit cheeky here, but we truly believe that everyone can benefit from having a bean bag in their lives. Huxford Grove Byron Bean Bags are durable, stylish and they age gracefully – so will last as long as a good home does. They’re also naturally stain and odour resistant and an amazing insulator, so not only keeps things cosy in winter, but cool in summer. But don’t take our word for it, give it a try in your home and see what comfort it can bring you.

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