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8 Interior Home Design Influencers to Inspire You

Are your living spaces in dire need of an update, but you have no idea how your home interior should look like? All you know is what it’s meant to be like; clutter-free, relaxing, uncomplicated, stylish and homey. Designing a space to suit our lifestyles and taste, can be overwhelming even at the best of times. In these situations, Instagram and Pinterest become your best of friends and can help inspire and guide you through the makeover process.

If you’re lacking inspiration and have no idea what to type into the search bar, here are eight trendsetting Instagram accounts that are likely to inspire and help you through your designing journey.


Bicker Design is an award-winning Melbourne-based interior design studio founded by Jenna Whitehead. Yes, you read right, Bicker Design is owned and run by the winner of season 4 of “The Block”. Now, a mum of 2, married to Josh Denstan (then engaged), she has been working as an interior designer for over 10 years. We’re probably getting sidetracked here, so, back to @bicker_design. If you’re looking to follow a natural and sophisticated colour palette, and create character and warmth by playing around with different textures (e.g. timber furnishings and sheepskin rugs), this account is one to look at for inspiration.


Emily Henderson is an LA CEO, international stylist, and New York best-selling author. Her Instagram account has no definite style, but instead, it’s the one-stop destination for inspiration. @em_henderson encourages followers to explore textures, pops of colour, shapes and patterns, to create one of a kind spaces. It also offers insight into the life of an interior designer, as well as helpful tips and tricks to ensure your styling is nothing but on-point.


Michelle Helford founded Scandinavian interior and design blog, the design chaser in 2012. Her blog and Instagram account feature minimalistic, sleek interiors of project homes that experiment with shapes and follow a muted black, white and nude colour palette. Interiors are the epitome of Scandi; uncluttered and designed to evoke calmness, cleanliness and relaxation, without compromising on beauty and sophistication. Every accessory and furniture piece is carefully selected, and often has some dimension and shape that draws your eye in. If you believe in less is more, and appreciate little details in objects, then this is the account for you.


Jen Farr’s @designdevotee Instagram account is a modern take on Scandinavian design. Natural fibres, textures, prints, and a neutral, grey and pink colour palette (+ the occasional dark turquoise duvet cover) are used throughout all interiors to bring contemporary elegance and light to living spaces. If you are not afraid of a pop of colour and believe everything is prettier in pink check out @designdevottee.


Margo Hupert, a Polish blogger and artist, is one to refer to when you want to design your living spaces with nature in mind. By using a muted colour palette of whites, blacks and nudes, timber furniture and an abundance of plants, she creates relaxed, eclectic and sophisticated interiors with character. As an artist, she also uses the account to show off plant and flower drawings. Between you and us, we can never have too many plants, real, fake or drawn.


You may or may not be already following them, but if you haven’t heard about @thedesignfiles, you might want to look them up now. The design files are one of Australia’s most popular design blogs for over 10years. If you want to keep up-to-date with current trends, find out what are the best homewares that you’ve, haven’t got yet, and just so happen to need (despite your husband saying otherwise), or seek advice from experienced professionals, follow @thedesignfiles.


If you are a fan of bright and white interiors, the occasional accent wall, and houses that transport you to a tropical oasis or make you feel like you’ve never left your local beach, @threebirdrevoations will provide you with all the inspiration you need to create your dream home. Managed by three mothers, best friends and renovator queens, the account offers home inspiration and valuable renovating tips.


You didn’t think we wouldn’t include us in the mix, did you? Of course, we did. Follow us to find sustainable, luxurious, comfortable and design-led products, home decorating tips and inspiration.

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