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The Richmond Large Sheepskin Rug

The Richmond Large Sheepskin Rug

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Designed by our team in Australia and beautifully handcrafted from premium, ethically sourced shearling, The Richmond Large Sheepskin Rug defines pure natural luxury.  With only a few made at a time, the limited edition Richmond Rug is a once in a lifetime purchase and will easily become your favourite luxury item. Each large rug takes many hours to make by carefully selecting and stitching the finest pieces, creating a patchwork expanse of the absolute softest wool. Walk over your luxury rug every day to be reminded of the pure softness, joy and beauty of nature.

〰️ 1 70cm x 240cm x 30mm OR 200cm x 300cm x 30mm
〰️  Designed in Australia
〰️  Carefully handcrafted using the finest shearling sheepskin
〰️  Compare colours here.

Please note that due to the nature of sheepskin and the tanning process some items colours may slightly vary. Sheepskin will also pick up different lighting, in natural light the colour will look much lighter, while under artificial light it may look slightly darker.


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