Sustainably Made

Ethically Designed. Sustainably Made.

We’d like to tell you a little bit about what’s behind our ‘Feel good design’ philosophy. For us, sustainability comes before design, and we take many steps to ensure that our products are as kind and gentle to the environment as possible. As you may know, we only use ethically sourced natural materials, but we also do a little more than that! 

Our sheepskin tannery's sustainability first approach:


〰️  Sustainable forms of energy are used to drastically reduce emissions.
〰️  Solar power is used to heat up 2M litres of water every week.
〰️   Heat recycled from drying rooms is used to produce hot water.
〰️  Cold air is reused for air-conditioning.
〰️  Natural gas boilers are used to significantly reduce carbon footprint.


    〰️   Over the last 5 years, the tannery has reduced water usage by 15% on average annually, by:
    〰️  Reusing and recycling 70% of used water back into production.
    〰️  Installing a new water treatment plant.
    〰️   Treating 100% of water on-site before secondary treatment off-site.


    〰️  Recycling and re-using as many materials as possible during production.
    〰️  95% of salt used in the preparation process is recovered for re-use.
    〰️  Pallets, drums, plastic and cardboard waste are on-sold or recycled.
    〰️  Re-using off-cuts where ever possible to avoid unnecessary waste.


    〰️  Developing efficiencies to significantly reduce the use of chemicals.
    〰️  Achieving OEKO-TEX LEATHER STANDARD for the safety.
    〰️  Significantly reducing emissions into our natural environment by using solar to heat water and prioritise sea freight over air. Sea freight emits approximately 33 times less carbon dioxide than airfreighting.